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Cutting Edge Medicine And Genetic Testing

Understand your genetic mutations and start improving your health with precision and personalized medicine

Integrative Medicine for Children and Adults

Holistic approach to Healthcare and holistic approach merging Western and Eastern Medicine

Functional Medicine Testing

Discover how they differ from your conventional labs. Assess your current metabolism and evaluate your current health status with OAT, Gi-Map and DUTCH tests.

SIBO and Digestive Health

Comprehensive evaluation of your gut health, SIBO testing (breath test) and treatment including evidence based medication or herbal protocol to treat SIBO

Heavy Metal Exposure Assessment And Chelation

A complete evaluation of possible exposure to toxic metals: identification of  the source and creation of a personalized plan to eliminate the toxic metal.

Mold Exposure Assessment and Treatment

Using the most accurate test to identify the mold and its toxins, creating a comprehensive plan to eliminate the toxins from your body and restore health.

Food Sensitivity Testing and Treatment

Test in the comfort of your own home your food sensitivity, and start healing your gut with elimination diet and gut healing supplements.

Optimal Brain Health

Optimize brain function, memory , focus and attention, balance your mood with targeted nutritional support and supplements

IV Therapy

Intravenous Nutrients to boost your Immune system, Optimize energy. Replenish nutrients deficiencies. High Dose Vitamin C, Slim shots and B12 shots are also available


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