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Getting Pregnant: Are you trying to conceive? 

If you are struggling, chances are you have an MTHFR gene variant.

About 30 % of women struggling to conceive are left without answers as doctors cannot figure out why they cannot have a successful pregnancy– New research suggests that the cause could be an MTHFR gene mutation. MTHFR polymorphism is a common genetic mutation affecting many people and reducing our ability to use folate in our bodies.

Folate is an essential nutrient when it comes to fertility.

With a compromised MTHFR activity, it becomes difficult to clear toxins out of our bodies. We are exposed to toxins every day in our food, water, and the air we breathe. Research done on cord blood of newborns showed that they already have more than 150 different chemicals in their blood. It has to come from the mother.

ith a reduced capacity to detox because of an MTHFR mutation, a pregnant woman will pass more toxins to the fetus.

MTHFR gene mutation has also been linked to children born with Down syndrome, Autism, and Spina Bifida.

How does this impact fertility?

MTHFR gene mutation makes us more sensitive to environmental and food-borne toxins. We have a hard time getting rid of these toxic elements through the detoxification processes in the liver.

With adequate methylation, our body can detect and fix DNA and RNA errors and prevent abnormal cells from developing and multiply during the early stage of the pregnancy.


Want to know more about MTHFR and fertility and how it can affect you?

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You had a miscarriage and have MTHFR?

The great news is that we can influence whether or not these genes express, in other words, whether a gene is turned on or off

Gene expression is influenced by several external factors, including our diet, exercise, environmental toxins exposure, stress levels, sleep quality, nutrients status.

How to create the right environment for a successful pregnancy and preventing miscarriage?

Dr. Jean-marc Sobczyk and his genomics expertise provide one of the most advanced natural treatments for miscarriage and infertility. He listens to you, pays attention to detail, and works to identify the root cause for miscarriage/infertility; he makes specific and personalized recommendations so that miscarriage is much less likely.


  • We will identify any problematic genes that may be holding you back and provide options
  • We will check your underlying nutritional status for imbalances and offer alternatives to fix any imbalances
  • We will review your underlying toxicity status and plan a safe detox protocol.
  • We will optimize methylation for pregnancy.

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