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Do You Speak MTHFR?

Think about a truck (what you eat, your diet, your digestion) transporting a load of dark leafy greens (your primary source of folate: also known as B9) on a highway.

Approaching the city there is toll booth (the MTHFR enzyme), to go through your need to slow down (MTHFR mutations slow down the process of converting folate to the active form of folate) and pay a fee ( the fee is vitamin B2, you need the money to be able to pass, you need B2 to make the MTHFR enzyme work to lift the gate so the truck can continue its journey to the grocery store or the farmer’s market

(think about the farmer’s market as the cells in your body) to “sell” the leafy greens vegetables.

Without paying at the toll booth, the truck cannot go through, and the leafy greens cannot be sold (used). Fortunately for us, even though not all the vehicles can go through (if we don’t have enough B2), some can continue their trips.

We call B2 a co-factor.

At the farmer’s market (the cells in your body), you can buy your leafy greens to prepare different dishes.

Methylation is the process of using the dark leafy greens (folates) in different recipes.

To cook delightful dishes following the recipes, you also need other ingredients (salt, pepper, etc.).These ingredients are also co-factors.

Your body needs B12 and Zinc as ingredients, so folate can make an excellent dish to make you feel well.

Methylation “recipes” include DNA repair, Cell repair, Detoxification, Maintaining a healthy nervous system, and Histamine metabolism.

You then understand that to make a delicious dish, you need your main ingredient folate and the condiments: B12, Zinc, and others depending on the recipe (the methylation processes you want to support).

You can also think about MTHFR mutations as a traffic jam or workers repairing the road: one lane (heterozygous) is closed for repairs, or even two lanes (homozygous) might be closed to traffic, but slower traffic can still go through on the roads left open. But no matter how slow the traffic is, you will always have to pay at the toll booth (you still need B2) to activate the folate you transport to go to its destination (each of your cells).

If you need help understanding MTHFR or if you have a health concern and thinks it could be related to MTHFR, Feel free to contact me by email at! I am looking forward to helping you optimize your health.