Should we consider
testing Men for MTHFR mutations ?

Why is it important
and what is the function of the MTHFR enzyme?

MTHFR (Methylene Tetra Hydro Folate Reductase) converts
(contained in high amount in Dark Leafy Greens) into its active form, known as
methylfolate. Methylfolate is then used to create news cells or repair the
damaged ones, provides the material to make DNA , helps our body getting rid of

When trying to conceive, it is crucial for a successful
pregnancy to have a sufficient amount of folate synthetized and available.

MTHFR enzyme activity directly affects Sperm quality as
folate is needed in high amount to produce DNA and healthy cells.

Slow methylation will affect Sperm Motility and men’s DNA
which is critical to successfully fertilize the egg.

Recurrent miscarriages
and Infertility can come from the mother and the father.

We know from research that early miscarriages are linked to
DNA damage and one of the possible reason for this to to have a fetus carrying
an MTHFR mutations. 

Folate supplementation
during pregnancy and pre-conception is very important.

You will find folate in prenatal multivitamins. If you carry
an MTHFR mutation then you need to take an additional amount of folate found in
so-called methylation support supplements to mitigate the effect of this

Let’s consider¬† for a minute what are the risks for the fetus to receive an MTHFR mutation from the parents.

Case #1: Mom and
Dad are Heterozygous ( one variant out of two) for MTHFR, the child has 25%
risk to have Homozygous MTHFR mutation

Case #2: Mom is
Heterozygous and Dad is Homozygous (two variants) for MTHFR: Now the child has
50% risk to have a Homozygous MTHFR mutation.

It is absolutely crucial to support methylation with the
appropriate dose of methylfolate.

With slow methylation, men become also more sensitive to
environmental toxins found nearly everywhere, in food (pesticides and
glyphosate), in the air and in the water.

Accumulation of toxins
not only affect men overall health but also sperm quality.

Is there any research
to prove this ? 

One study has demonstrated that male exposed to motor
vehicle exhaust (studies with toll-booth workers) had reduced sperm count,
motility and cervical penetration and higher percentages of sperm DNA damage.
Another study confirmed that male exposed to high air pollution had also reduced
fertility. Exposure to flame retardants in house dust also demonstrated reduced

Phtalates (found in plastics) but interestingly not BPA, also
negatively impact male fertility.

Other studies demonstrated the same negative impact on male
fertility with exposure to pesticides and insecticides, even arsenic (found in
Rice, Poultry)

Planning for a pregnancy soon?

Start your preconception plan at least 3-4 months in advance
to optimize egg quality (takes 120 days to develop) and optimize sperm quality
(takes 90 days to develop)

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