Why should we check
our MTHFR gene?

We know the human genome is composed of an estimated 20000
genes.  One of them, MTHFR, requires a
particular attention because it is very common and it increases our
predisposition to multiples preventable diseases.

How common is an
MTHFR gene mutation?

It is estimated that 30-50% of the population carries an
MTHFR mutation.

What diseases are
linked to MTHFR mutations?

 Preventable diseases
linked to them include Heart disease, certain type of cancer, stroke, Alzheimer’s
disease and more.

So how do we know if
you have an MTHFR mutation and what test can be used to detect this mutation?

  • Any conventional labs can test the MTHFR
    mutation, (LabCorp. Quest…)

Ask your physician to write the order for you.

  • The second option I recommend is to consider
    Ancestry DNA (my preference) or 23&ME saliva kits. The benefit of these
    kits is that they not only check your MTHFR genes but also other genes
    influencing cellular and DNA repair, detoxification and neurotransmitters metabolism
    (the balance of your brain).

Leave you comment below or if you have any additional

I do offer Skype and Phone visit to help you understand your
MTHFR gene functions and help you optimize your health.

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