Taking Thyroid Medication But Not Feeling Better?  Avoid these common mistakes.

When Should I Take My Thyroid Medication?

Here are the
Current Guidelines for taking Thyroid medication

Levothyroxine is
absorbed in the small intestine and is 70%-80% bioavailable in the euthyroid
individual. Peak absorption is achieved at approximately 2 hours after oral
ingestion but can be delayed to 3-4 hours if it is ingested simultaneously with
interfering medications, supplements, or some foods/drinks.

According to
Current guidelines by the American Thyroid Association you should take
levothyroxine at least 60 minutes before the first meal of the day or at
bedtime (at least 3 hours after the evening meal), and at least 4 hours apart
from other medications or supplements, if possible.

What substances can
block absorption of the medicine?

Levothyroxine tablets are not
well absorbed when taken with Coffee,
Soy, Cow’s milk, Iron (think twice if you are taking your levothyroxine every

Taking levothyroxine together
with an interfering substance can decrease the amount of thyroid hormone that
is absorbed by as much as 50%. This is really significant.

Other factors
affecting thyroid medication absorption

Certain conditions have the
potential to further reduce the absorption of oral levothyroxine. If an
Helicobacter pylori infection, atrophic gastritis, or celiac disease  for example can necessitate a higher dose
because of poor absorption of the medicine in the gut.

Credit : Medscape, link for full article:  https://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/910537