Even though aging as we grow older is an unavoidable process, many of the undesired effects of aging can be reduced or controlled with the right diet, a healthy lifestyle,  hormonal and nutritional support , avoidance of exposure to toxic chemical in food and in our environment.

Focusing on addressing the internal causes of aging ahead of time, before it becomes symptomatic is the best way to reduce, reverse diseases processes associated with aging.

Recent completion of the entire human genome has opened new possibilities for anti-aging treatments and health optimization.  Genetic testing allows us to address gene’s mutations before they can impact our health.  Turning off “bad genes” reduces significantly our susceptibility to diseases, especially our susceptibility diseases related to aging such as diabetes, stroke, cardiovascular diseases, Parkinson’s disease, all forms of dementia including Alzheimer’s and cancer.

Our hormones do not decline because we are getting older but we age because our hormones are declining.

Physical aging can be slowed, reversed and prevented to some extent with a multi steps approach which includes

  • Genetic testing to assess our health risks
  • Nutrition (eating nutrients dense food)
  • Dietary supplementations (taken orally or intravenously with IV therapy)
  • Exercise adapted to our age
  • Stress management, so critical to prevent many diseases
  • Hormones optimization with HRT
  • Hormone therapy replacement helps prolong our lives and helps maintain mental and physical health.

HRT for men not only testosterone

  • Increase energy, mental sharpness, memory, focus
  • Increase lean body mass and reduces abdominal fat
  • Maintains good immune system
  • Maintains sexual drive and erectile function

Good news: Restoring hormones to youthful levels offers men a wealth of health benefits, including benefits for heart health, body composition, mood, and memory. You can choose to take control of your own health and start reversing your body’s aging process today.

Dr Sobczyk uses the most effective treatments from conventional medicine and natural medicine to restore health and vitality to patients with hormone- and age-related health decline.

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