Contains a cyanide molecule. When you take Cyano B12 your body must first convert it into Hydroxy B12 in order to be able to use it, and then your body must find a way to get rid of the toxic cyanide molecule.

This form is not readily bioactive in the body and at the most is naturally occurring only in traces in foods. It is, however, simply and cheaply produced and therefore a very stable product.

The conversion Cyano B12 into an Active form of Vitamin B12 is a 4 steps process. Each of these steps require other nutrients as co-factors (NAD, NADPH, Glutathione, Riboflavin, SAMe and ATP).

So it does not make really sense to use Cyanocobalamin when you want to support the methylation cycle.

Active B12 is used by the MTR/MTRR complex with Methylfolate to convert Homocystine into Methionine.

We all know cyanide is a poison even if the rest of the B12 molecule is good for you. The body actually uses Hydroxy B12 in order to detoxify cyanide! So, not only is Cyano B12 not the form your body ultimately needs, but taking higher doses of Cyano B12 may actually deplete your hydroxy B12. Glutathione is also used in the in the process of converting Cynaocobalamin into an Active form of B12.

Here are more reasons why you should disregard Cyanocobalamin

  • Toxicity: It is often claimed that cyanocobalamin might be toxic because the broken down cyano group produces the toxin cyanide. Cyanide can accumulate in the body especially if you have decreased kidney function.
  • Build up in cells: Studies have shown that when used in high dosage treatments of 1000µg that cyanocobalamin is absorbed inside the cells
  •  Bioavailability: There are four metabolic steps required to break down cyanocobalamin into a coenzyme, an obvious metabolic disadvantage (as it consumes nutrients to do so)
  • Methyl group are used up To be converted into methylcobalamin, cyanocobalamin requires a methyl group, which it obtains from the important amino acid S-Adenosylmethionin (SAM). Cyanocobalamin therefore drains SAM levels.
  • Lack of prolonged release: Cyanocobalamin is inferior to other forms of B12 in terms of absorption. Although it may be easily absorbed it is just as easily excreted, and a loarge portion of it will be before it reaches the cells.

So why would anyone use Cyano B12 if it can be toxic? Cyano B12 is used because it is much less expensive, and a form of B12 that is more stable.


Sources,, Dr Amy Yasko.

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